You are not alone in wanting to keep an eye on the boat

Is your boat lying by your own dock and do you want to know that it is well moored, and that no one has stolen it. With support from OnlineMarinas new app you always see the distance to the dock and get warnings if the boat is too close or too far from the dock.

Share your dock on your own terms

If you have a few slips over, you can set up the terms and conditions for renting or borrowing your boat sites. You have a good overview of all the berths and see when your guests arrive or go. OnlineMarina offers a complete solution for slip administration, control and payment service.


The app is good, but does not do the entire job

To be able to safely determine the position or movement on your boat, an app is not enough. OnlineMarinas sensor unit measures important quantities into the smallest detail. The sensor unit remains on the dock summer and winter, is completely wireless and is filled with epoxy, which means that it can withstand tough grips in the marine environment.

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