Increased Revenue

Are you in charge of a marina? Do you "chase"your guests instead of giving them good service?


With OnlineMarina the guests will self administrate booking and handle payments in the system without you loosing control. 

Many marinas anually looses consierable revenue due to "run aways". With Onlinemarina both you and your guest know if the moorage is payed. Cut the grey zone and avoid misunderstandings. - Increase the revenue and focus on your business.

With OnlineMarina you get to know your docks better than before. Since you get detailed information on how the marina is used, you can now improve service and optimize both logistics and increase revenue

Rent by hour, day, or week

Since the marina service is fully automated you can support price-efficient rental at slips from 30 minutes to weeks or more. It is up to you how you will make the marina set-up.


Worried about what the storm will do the the boats in the marina?  Are the boats safe? Boat owners or guests will be notified if their boat will deviate from it´s original position and they can instantly see the distance  between the boat and the dock and get warnings.

Arriving boats are immediately detected by the sensors. The system gives all who have booked/paid a tailored welcome notice and a digital receipt. The marina admin will immediately see if they have payed or not. Boats that not have paid get intense warning lights/flashes at the dock which lead to alerts in the system

Onlinemarinas IOT- system includes a number of sensor units  at the dock and a wireless gateway that automatically connects to the cloud. 

For the first time it is easy to find your way to safe mooring. Led indicators at the dock and the app will guide you.


Many guests appreciate to be spontaneous and do not want to pre-pay for a slip. With OnlineMarina they can do both. 

The sensors at the dock and the system helps the the marina admin with the end-less job to welcome arriwing boats. 


Through the app, customers can manage both booking and payment themselves.They get instant answer from the marina without delay. The marina/admin can see which boats that have paid and also offer extra services that they can communicate with the guests. Admin can send messages to the guests: WIFI codes, WC / shower codes, or anything that increases the level of service in the marina facility. The application can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.


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